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Product Overview

What is Panforte?

Panforte translated as a “hard bread” and originates from Siena, Italy. It has a history of being used to pay taxes and help people to survive sieges because of its high nutritional quality and long shelf life.

Why our customers love Panforte Cake:

  • durable, shelf life 6 month stored in a room temperature
  • price that meet budget for gift and cake under 25CAD
  • 8 servings in one panforte cake
  • safe time because it’s fully prepared, and easy to serve
  • delicious, healthy, all natural
  • fully vegetarian
  • high nutritional value because of the proteins, good fat from natural nuts (at least 20% of total product mass) and much needed natural source of potassium from nuts and fruits
  • sweetened with Canadian honey and organic cane sugar
  • free of preservatives, artificial colors & flavors, dairy, and eggs
  • flavored with natural aromatic vegetable substances, e.g. paprika, cloves, pepper, coriander, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon
  • supporting production of Ontario local honey and fruits
  • environmentally friendly, minimalistic packaging, all recyclable
  • handmade in small batches in the local certified kitchen
  • artistic labels made by a local artist
  • preserve Mediterranean receipts and cooking traditions

Victoria Panforte provided in two different flavors:

  • The classic Margherita features walnut and figs, spiced with cooling nature cardamom and coriander, and a bit of white pepper.
  • The Nero is warming and cozy with aroma of paprika, cinnamon and nutmeg, that combined with our native North Americans cranberry and hazelnut, and candied melon to please the palate.

Suggestions for serving:

  • Italian wine - Chianti, VIN Santo or other semisweet wine of your choice
  • Ontario local wine - Riesling Icewine, Late Harvest Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • cheese you love
  • Place it on a nice charcuterie board or plate and delicious dessert will be served at it best

Thank you for supporting local business and Victoria Panforte contributions to those who love and support Mediterranean food and Mediterranean diet.


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