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Ostrich Yolk Infuse Face Cream


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Product Overview

Say NO to problematic skin, say YES to the new Yolk-Infused for all skin types cream!

Every 10 people in this world suffer from problematic skin. Dryness, itching and irritation do not give rest, because of which we lose the opportunity to live in full force and do what we love. So nature has deigned or genetics has disposed - it does not matter. After all, all your free time is occupied by the search for natural remedies and medicines, which would at least alleviate the symptoms for a while.


Now you do not have to experience discomfort every day due to problematic skin. We have created a unique product - cream based on the most valuable and useful ingredients in the world - ostrich oil and ostrich yolk.


Ostrich oil is rich in fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6, 9, which are essential for maintaining healthy skin. Due to the ability of omega 9 to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, ostrich oil is ideal for delivering active substances and vitamins under the skin. Also, ostrich oil is the first to be used for skin problems, such as redness and irritation, as it has an anti-inflammatory effect.


The ostrich egg contains a huge amount of useful substances. As you know, ostriches have the strongest immunity, this property makes them immune to many diseases. That is why ostrich eggs began to be used in cosmetic and skin care products.


Our cream is also dominated by a complex of oils such as argan oil and shea butter. Working together with ostrich oil, they give an incredible effect. Dry skin is softened and smoothed, signs of redness and irritation are reduced, cracks and small wounds are healed. And thanks to the content of hyaluronic acid in the composition of the cream, the skin is moisturized and its natural barrier is restored. Thus, with regular use, the skin acquires its normal appearance, becomes soft and velvety.


After you apply our face cream, you will smell lavender for a couple of seconds - this lavender begins to work on your skin. It will revitalize your skin, cleanse it, relieve irritation, as it also has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. After that, you will feel the lifting effect for a couple of seconds, because the powerful ostrich yolk will tighten your skin.


You can smell the hyaluronic acid after the ostrich oil delivers this ingredient and all the other beneficial substances very deep into your skin - this is the unique property of omega 9, which we have already talked about. Agree, it's so cool! All the power of nature in one bottle!


Don't know what to give your mother, grandmother, sister or friend for a birthday? Give them luxurious skin care! Our cream is suitable for all skin types, so give Yolk-Infused cream as a gift to maintain the beauty and hydration that healthy skin needs on a regular basis. Such a gift will definitely not go unnoticed!


During cold weather, especially before the New Year and Christmas, our skin is especially vulnerable. Take care of her, love yourself - use our products. Then you will be safe, loved and cared for with our products from the Yolk-Infused collection.


Order our cream and feel tenderness and love on your own hands!




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Dimensions 28 × 18 × 6 cm


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To keep your skin looking young, soft and beautiful, pamper yourself with beauty products from our farm in Ontario. After winter, the earth needs restoration and health promotion. Our skin is also recovering after the winter cold. Therefore, the cream is the best solution for your delicate and smooth skin.

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