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Ostrich Yolk Infuse Eye Cream


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Product Overview

A quick way to restore beauty and youth in just a couple of days


Time is merciless with us and especially with our skin. Problems that used to appear to us only in nightmares now appear in reality. Wrinkles are the first sign that the skin is slowly starting to fade. Dryness, peeling, dark circles under the eyes appear. This is especially noticeable for those who work hard and get tired, there is almost no time left for themselves. Even free 5 minutes of care before bed will not be able to properly restore our skin and restore beauty and youth.


Imagine no longer having to put on a ton of makeup every morning to hide skin imperfections. Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Someone will think that this is just a dream that will not come true. What if I told you that I could make your dream come true? Yolk Infused eye cream, developed according to a new improved formula, can solve all skin problems and will forever forget about the existence of masking cosmetics, which also negatively affects the health and beauty of the skin.


There are a huge number of creams that perform the function of nutrition and recovery. But our cream stands out among them, because in its composition we use a secret ingredient - ostrich egg yolk. Ostrich yolk is rich in vitamin E and lecithin, which are essential for strengthening the skin barrier, delaying aging and softening the skin.


Ostrich yolk in combination with useful substances such as shea butter, argan oil, hyaluronic acid and Bulgarian rose oil will provide reliable skin protection from external negative factors.


Ostrich oil plays an important role in the benefits of our cream. Rich in vitamins and trace elements, this nourishing product is especially good for mature skin prone to wrinkles and dryness. With regular use of cream based on ostrich oil and yolk, collagen production is stimulated, making the skin softer and more elastic.


Thanks to its unique and natural formula, this eye cream will moisturize the skin around the eyes, increase collagen synthesis, reduce wrinkles and help fight dark circles! Have you already imagined the nutritional value and skin benefits you get from using our eye cream?


Luxurious skin care is exactly what you need! The floral aroma of rose Bulgarian oil stays on your skin for a long time - this is an incredible feeling of tenderness and care. Because that's how we approach the creation of our new Yolk Infused eye cream.


Among other things, you can use our cream as a gift for a holiday, such as a birthday! Every year we get older, and small imperfections appear on the skin that prevent us from living a full life. To stop aging and preserve your beauty and youth, give yourself a unique and valuable gift - Yolk Infused Eye Cream. You definitely have never experienced such an effect!


Yolk Infused eye cream can be presented for New Year and Christmas! In winter, skin care becomes more in demand than at other times of the year. The skin is affected by the cold, which makes it dry and lethargic. You may be disturbed by slight peeling and even itching. And the cold is just around the corner, hurry up to protect your skin and provide deep hydration and nutrition for the whole year!


Love yourself - use our products to wake up every day and see a successful, young and beautiful woman in the mirror! Order Yolk Infused eye cream and start your life in a new way!





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Dimensions 28 × 18 × 6 cm


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To keep your skin looking young, soft and beautiful, pamper yourself with beauty products from our farm in Ontario. After winter, the earth needs restoration and health promotion. Our skin is also recovering after the winter cold. Therefore, the cream is the best solution for your delicate and smooth skin.

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